We try to set the defaut engine to html5 (with webm source before mp4 source). For example, some Flip Video camcorders encode video with a 3ivx codec. If the plain tag does not work for the users in Firefox, there are two possible reasons: Javascript disabled or, as I already said: the system it is running on does not support MP4 as html5 video because the neccessary codecs are missing. The link : /dEYQlE got the same message : "html 5: Unsupported video format. What should I do to result this problem? I'm sorry, I cannot reproduce the problem in neither FF 23,24,25 on XP, Vista, Win7 or Win8. Aeronewstv, we get this error with : - Firefox 24, 25 on Windows. And why the video is jerky? Then import the transcoded files. Does the machine have Windows Media Player / the neccessary codecs installed, as I asked before?

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    It should however be able to play the webm. Finaly, we set the defaut engine to html5 with only mp4 source and asked our clients to test the link :. The video plain tag : ml work well. I set it on the video tag and it works on Chrome. If the camcorder does not use a special codec, then transcode the files by using software that was bundled with the camcorder (if any). Try installing Adobe Flash." It works well in IE 7 on this Windows.

    , I typically use a nifty little program called tively, Fraps generates video files in the AVI format. Unsupported format or damaged file. Creative COW s user support and discussion forum for users. Unsupported Format or Damaged File in Adobe Premiere Unsupported format or damaged file : Adobe Premiere Pro Also, check out, creative COW. Premiere, pro podcast., adobe Premiere, pro Forum. Adobe Premiere, pro CS6 on my PC (Windows 7) doesn t want to import the files from Inspire.

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    We get " html5 : video file not found". Try installing Adobe Flash".E on Windows XP and Firefox on Window 7(64bit). Aeronewstv, please, try this page with FireFox on Windows Vista : /dEYQlE. Nhdnet, i'm trying to play a hls stream and we still have this problem but this other player works fine. There is something strange with flowplayer. This is our solution actually, but we get many complains about the videoplayback: - the videoplayer is jerky in some Firefox ( on Window 7, firefox 25 on Mac.6.8) - the player is empty. If you cannot import or play files from an ultra-compact tapeless camcorder, then it could be necessary to install a codec (see.

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    Aeronewstv, so sorry, I've set preloadnone on the source tag, so it doen't work on Chrome. He can see the splash image but nothing else. When I set the defaut engin to html, I get this error. Aeronewstv, non, the video plaintag doesn't work on thoses Firefox. It's a symptom on N and KN versions of Windows.